That time of the year is about to arrive… Yes, we’re talking about Valentine's day 2022.

The best Valentine’s day gifts for him are those that’ll leave him impressed and feeling appreciated.

It doesn’t need to be something big. It must be special. Or, in other words, come from a special place, because a pure love always comes from a Pure Source.

Maybe it’s a walk through the beach, a surf session or a nice picnic in the woods. The sentiment can be expressed in a lot of different ways.

Meet our suggestions for the most original valentine's day gifts, according to your boyfriend’s profile.


How to find the perfect gift for him?

The key to shopping for your boyfriend Valentine’s day gifts is asking the main question: “Will he truly like this?”.

So, when you’re deciding on which gift will say “I love you” the best, consider his lifestyle and what he will consider functional.

Probably he will appreciate a casual sweater for those workdays. Or an ecological surfboard if he’s an environmental activist.

One thing you can be sure of: we have the best surf-inspired apparel and surfboards to surprise him on this special occasion.


For an environmental activist and surfer

If he’s passionate about surf and strives to leave the smallest footprint on the planet, the best Valentine’s day gift for him is definitely a Lightning Bolt ecological surfboard.

The ECO-TECH construction can be applied to any shape or surfboard model. When compared to a standard construction, has the same technical performance as any other board, but a 70% lower environmental impact in every board produced. Besides this, by using infusion vacuum technology, it is possible to reduce around 45% resin consumption and its waste.

The most romantic part? It is possible to customize the bottom with any desired colour and you can choose to apply a brilliant resin, which will react to the UV light and make the bottom colour acquire a violet tone! It will return to its original colour once out of the direct sunlight.

If you want to go for a piece of cloth, the Double Strike hoodie is made of a recycled cotton-blend fleece, and has undergone a special dye process and wash treatment to give it an authentic appearance. Slight variations of color make this garment unique. Above all, it is a sustainable statement.

Also, there’s a reason why flannel shirts are always a nice idea for a gift.

They’re comfortable, soft and endlessly adaptable. Not to mention time-tested. If to all of this we add the fact that they’re made of 100% cotton flannel, he can only love them!

This Brown Cotton-Flannel shirt with color block inset will keep him cozy all day. The warm wool fabric comes in a range of great plaids and is just the right weight for a flannel shirt.

And forget all those preconceived ideas. Not every flannel shirt has to make him look like he’s about to chop down a tree. This Grey Cotton-Flannel Shirt is buttery soft and the tailoring is impeccable. This is the flannel shirt you can offer him to go into a nice restaurant. Resilient enough to take a beating on a jobsite, comfortable enough to wear on weekends, respectable enough to wear on a date.




For a history lover

If he’s someone that loves Lightning Bolt’s history and the legacy of 50 years of surfing, the Originals Collection is what you’re looking for.

This collection includes our everyday essentials and classics – featuring reprints of the original ’70s artworks, as well as some of the most iconic garments that stand to the test of time!

Contemporary in colors, materials and fitting, yet Vintage Americana in styling, this collection focus on fabrics with a soft hand feel, faded vintage colors, fine detailed construction and classic, surf-inspired prints.

If you look for a timeless Lightning Bolt garment and a reference to one of its major living legends, the Heyday Pocket Tee – Rory Russell is the t-shirt you need. It is a plain cotton t-shirt with a logo print on the chest pocket and back screen print with Rory Russell signature – Lightning Bolt ambassador, iconic surfer, and shaper. A reinterpretation of the original t-shirt worn by “The Dog” back in the days.

Finally, consider the Star Bolt Cap which features an embroidery that comes from ’79, when Lightning Bolt presented a new quiver of designer model surfboards. The series was called "Star Bolt" - the state of the art in handcrafted boards -, reflecting four individual concepts created by Gerry Lopez and the Bolt Team.




For the backpack guy

He’s always ready to go and explore off-road, right?

Then, he will welcome a backpack and a waist bag to carry all his personal stuff. They’re waterproof, so there’s no element that can stop him. Actually, he can also carry one reusable water bottle made of glass as a way to join the movement for a more sustainable world.

And if you want to plan a surf trip together… Well, you can always find inspiration and your next destination by reading a book like the Stormrider Surf Europe - Atlantic Islands.

For this Valentine’s Day, gift the special men in your life items that’ll help him to jump into the next adventure.



Looking for the best way to express your feelings? A pure love always comes from a Pure Source and we bet you’re feeling quite inspired by Lightning Bolt’s suggestions.

Anyway, if you don’t want to take the risk, just opt for a Gift Card.



You can always reach out for more ideas and original Valentine's day gifts.

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