More than a brand, Lightning Bolt crossed borders and oceans. Recognized by everyone, it reached universal proportions and became the representation of an attitude and lifestyle with which everyone could relate or aspire to.

The Bolt was the spark to go further, the pure experience, the intensity of a true connection with nature. It became a symbol of a mythical energy.

Nowadays, the Bolt keeps being a global symbol immediately associated to the unique Lightning Bolt surfboards and to the surf history.


Want to feel this legacy?

“In the beginning nobody knew what a Lightning Bolt had to do with surfboards. The reason we did was because I could make a slash… I used to draw it when I was talking on the telephone, or just in a piece of paper… Then I put it on the surfboards and it looked pretty good! So, that was the beginning! And then it became more and more popular.”

Gerry Lopez, 2021


If you feel inspired by the Lightning Bolt history and want to try this mythical energy, you can start by choosing our Original and Essential t-shirts and sweaters.

The Bolt prices start from 28€ for a black Lightning Bolt plain tshirt that you can easily wear on any occasion. The t shirt design also works on the reverse, with a black Lightning Bolt printed on a plain white tshirt.

This print is available in different combination of colors, which have in common a profound inspiration on the most iconic Lightning Bolt surfboards and its tints.


For those who like to keep it simple

In case you’re not that fan of big prints, but you love the Bolt, the essential tshirt is a plain tshirt featuring a small Lightning Bolt on the chest. As simple and powerful as that!

Pick a plain black Lightning Bolt tshirt with a white Bolt and let your attitude do the rest. This t shirt design is perfect for both going out to work and a beach bar.

The Bolt prices for this specific t shirt design are 26€.



What about the colder days?

The lower temperatures shouldn’t make you loose energy! Put on a cotton blend fleece crew with a Lightning Bolt printed on the front and you’re ready to face whatever comes.

Bolt prices are 59€ per sweater.


“The iconic Bolt is the most iconic thing ever happened in surfing. Lightning bolt is legendary. Is unique”

Paul Blacker, 2021


Our classic and iconic Bolt is immortalized in printed t-shirts, surfboards and vintage advertising.