What is Las Américas Pro?

Las Américas Pro is a surfing event with a differentiating concept that emerged in the famous Las Américas beach (hence its name) at the Canary Islands by local, European and American surfers during the 70's.

Over the years, this region became a reference spot for European surfing. Surfers from all over the world, as well as the inhabitants of the island, have witnessed the exceptional left wave that is created in this area of volcanic lowlands in the southwest of Tenerife. It is known as the famous “Spanish left”.


When did the championships begin in Las Americas?

The first competition events took place at the end of the 80s, together with a strong movement in defense of the waves.

Back then, the territory, but especially the waves, were threatened by tourism development whose goal was to create more artificial beaches.

At the beginning of the 21st century, professional world circuit championships began appearing, but the financial crisis led them to stop. After several years and given the growing professionalism of regional surfers who had no opportunity to compete on their islands, the Canarian Surf Federation decided to continue organizing these events together with the World Surf League.

This is how, in 2018, Las Américas Pro world circuit championship began again.

In November 2021 the championship takes place once again at Las Américas, in its 4th edition.

The same infrastructure is used to carry out the Canarian circuit championship, valid for the national circuit.

Why is this edition called Surfest Las Américas Pro?

This year, besides the traditional championship, will be held a 9-day event that unites sport, culture, social activism and environmental protection.

This edition includes three championships:

  • Las Américas Open. Championship of the National Open of Surfing Circuit. This is the national circuit with biggest prestigious in Europe. More than 150 competitors will participate, including the best riders on the peninsula.


  • Euromasters Open. Las Américas Pro Euromasters Open of Surfing. First edition in the history of Euromaster to meet the best male and female surfer in Europe over 35, over 40, over 45 and over 50.

Organized by the European Surf Federation, the Spanish Surf Federation and the Canarian Surf Federation and Las Américas Pro.


  • Lightning Bolt Festival. Surf festival and contest with retro boards (single fins and twin fins). The categories are: men under 35, men over 35, open women.

The event will have the presence of iconic and legendary shapers, live shaping, exhibition of surfboards and several activities with focus on sustainability.


What will the prizes be?

Lightning Bolt Festival will award the winners of each category in competition - first, second and third places - with Lightning Bolt ecoboards. In each category, these prizes represent 9000€.


How many surfers will participate?

During the whole duration of the festival (9 days) are expected more than 300 surfers from all over the world, especially from Europe.