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2. The personal data provided by the user shall be kept in file by LIGHTNINGBOLT EUROPE, S.A., the company responsible for processing the same, which is intended for the following purposes: 1. Conclusion and execution of the contract for products selected by the user; 2. Satisfy requests from users; 3. Provide the user with information about LIGHTNING BOLT products, including, for the above-identified products, the sending of commercial messages by electronic mail or any other equivalent automatic electronic means (such as sms).

3. LIGHTNINGBOLT EUROPE, SA, headquartered at Rua Comendador Manuel Gonçalves, 25 - 4770-583 S. Cosme do Vale - VN Famalicão - Portugal, legal person PT 508047889, with share capital of € 400,000.00, responsible company by the data is committed to the protection of personal data that is entrusted, establishing a duty of information and a commitment to transparency with respect to compliance with current legislation on data protection.

Consequently, all personal information is treated and protected with all due diligence, and always in accordance with applicable law, notably EU Regulation 2016/679, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The site aims to promote and promote our products and specific sale.

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This way, and to help you understand the data received, or what is motivated by our customers and those who produce their data, shows our conduct in this Privacy Policy that you now read carefully.

This Privacy Policy explains the context of data processing to be performed by LIGHTNINGBOLT EUROPE, S.A., with the final features that may handle personal data, such as processed data, who can display it, where it may be transferred or where it may be used and what are your rights.

LIGHTNINGBOLT EUROPE, S.A treats your personal data (also present in this document as "information") in accordance with the below detailed fins.

Use of this site is subject to this Privacy Policy, and you must either use relay or terms acceptable on each new use to verify that you agree with it.



Register the customer: Information using a customer registration, permission order or access to our online store.

In this form, we receive information that is strictly necessary for the proper handling of the matter.

Automatically processed information: Please refer to our cookie policy for more information about information that automatically processes when you visit our site.



1. Conclusion and execution of the contract regarding the products selected by the user;

2. Satisfy users requests;

3. Provide the user with information about LIGHTNINGBOLT EUROPE, S.A products, including the above, commercial messaging by e-mail or any other alternative electronic means (such as sms).

4. Registration: Registration involves tracking user browsing profiles on the WEB. Such elaboration consists of the use of customer's personal data and browsing information, such as products viewed or shopping cart purchases, web sections visited, location to assess how their threats and / or personal interests are aimed at WEB content offering of offers, services and products that are useful to your profile.

5. Generate alerts service for when a particular article is available on the web

6. Issuance of sales receipt documents: digital receipt, sales invoice



LIGHTNINGBOLT EUROPE, S.A shares data only in connection with the execution of contracts, as well as carriers, company responsible for the management of the site, management of the database and assistance to the computer system.

Whenever LIGHTNINGBOLT EUROPE, S.A recovers third parties, it is accustomed to using the security measures used.



LIGHTNINGBOLT EUROPE, S.A informs you that you have the right to access personal data concerning you, as well as your rectification, deletion and portability of previously permitted personal data in a structured, compatible and readable format.

You also have the right to limit your treatment as well as its use.



If you do not agree to the terms in which your personal data are being processed, you may exercise the rights in the previous chapter by communicating to the controller in the contact details defined in this document.

To exercise your rights, please access here.

Your requests will be handled with special care so that we can ensure the effectiveness of your rights.

You may be required to provide proof of your identity to ensure that the sharing of personal data is only done with its owner.

Please note that in certain cases, under applicable law, your request may not be immediately or wholly fulfilled.

In any case, he shall be informed of the measures taken to this effect within one month from the time the request is made.

You can also submit your complaint to the National Control Authority - National Data Protection Commission, through the following contacts:, by mail to Rua de São Bento 148-3º 1200-821 Lisbon or email to


VI. INFORMATION SECURITY, alteration or destruction of data or unauthorized disclosure of your information in our possession. To this end, LIGHTNINGBOLT EUROPE, S.A regularly conducts security audits of its IT infrastructure.



Our privacy policy applies to all our employees and all services provided by us.



LIGHTNINGBOLT EUROPE, S.A reserves the right to change the terms of this policy, and requests that you revisit this policy to be current.

Should LIGHTNINGBOLT EUROPE, S.A use your data for purposes other than those provided for in this Privacy Policy, we will ask for your consent.

4. You (the user) warrant that the personal information provided is true and accurate, and undertakes to notify any changes thereto. Any loss or damage caused to this website or to the person responsible for the website or to third parties resulting from incorrect, inaccurate or incomplete information of the registration forms shall be the sole responsibility of the User.

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