Dear Pedro,

Thank you for being the genuine person You were. You leave everyone the pure source of energy. A true Lover of life, and its elements, will never leave us. We will never forget You.

Surf lost One of its pioneers.

Your example and legacy will live on in us forever.


Pedro Martins de Lima the Father of Portuguese surf,

 Lightning Bolt Ambassador, and a True Waterman.


With a life full of journeys, this natural, adventurous pioneer owns a matchless lifestyle sports curriculum.

From six years old to 19, Pedro rode, boxed, and was a Hocker Champion.

But his first contact with water was in 1945 when he got his skipper's card and started bodysurfing.

Pedro's curiosity led him to explore the dive, and four years later, in 1949, he met Jacques Cousteau and his Team.  

His passion for the water element has grown and made him explore more and more. That's why in 1960, Pedro was surfing already,

Surf was an innovation, and Pedro was there to be the first, and he tried, and that's why he is the first Portuguese Surfer, and we are struck by his strength of mind, forever-young attitude, and free spirit.

Always with a sweet expression and a silky voice, in a distinctive posture of a true gentleman, Pedro shared his magic tales that talked about the almost perfect symbiosis between boldness and good judgment, erudition and experience, the joy of companionship and strength of solitude, small details and great objectives, exceptional integrity and a singular sense of humor. Pedro holds everyone's attention like an enchanting flute.     

Those who knew him know that Pedro is a treasure to be preserved.