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Color: White

The Lightning Bolt Egg model is a cross between a longboard and a shortboard. Egg boards became well known for their rounded egg-shaped nose and their small size. Although it is not as round as a real egg, its oval shape gives it a distinct appearance.

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Deliveries in 6/7 days. After valid payment, shipments every following Friday. Customized surfboards have a time delivery between 8-12 weeks.

Blank - High quality PU (Polyurethane) block. Glass Layup - Standard lamination with 6oz+4oz. deck and 6oz. bottom. Resin - High quality Polyester Resin.


The characteristic shape and size of an Egg board has some great benefits: High surface area - Due to their shape and length, Egg boards have a large surface area. This raised area makes it easier for beginners to stand up on the board. Thickness and Width - Having a wide and thick board gives the surfer the ability to paddle and stay afloat more easily. The added buoyancy will allow the surfer to balance more easily. It is also an excellent bet for surfing small waves. Smooth, Rounded Rails - The rails, or edges, of an Egg board are softer and more rounded than other boards, which tend to be more forgiving for a beginner who is just learning. Length - Egg boards are generally in the middle of the length range, ranging from 6-8.5 feet. This makes it a great choice for the longboarder looking for a little more maneuverability.