Lightning Bolt Spring/Summer 23Lightning Bolt Spring/Summer 23

In the search to understand our Origins, explain the Nature and the complexity of all matter, there are the Classical Elements.

Water, Earth, Air and Fire: four interdependent elements believed to be essential to life.

If we go back to Lightning Bolt’s origins and all its life, we’ll immediately find Water. Lightning Bolt was born in the sea, in the water. An element seen in Nature, but also in us. Essentially, an element that is present in all dimensions of our life and that deeply influences it.

Water is gracefulness, fluidity, flexibility, movement and agility. It’s adaptability.

The Spring/Summer 2023 collection is precisely inspired by this idea of versatility and by the four Classic Elements, in a harmonious dynamism between the past, the present and the future.




The Natural Elements Collection rescues colors from Nature, profoundly inspired by its Elements.

Navy, Tempest, Seagrass, Double Cream, Brindle and Old Rose make up a light, balanced and pleasant color palette. Natural tones that make us feel serene and work like a fresh sea breeze.

A wide variety of styles, that suits different circumstances, characterizes this versatile collection and lifestyle.

After all, we want to enjoy life in its various dimensions, respecting the origin of everything, the Essential Elements.

We are living the present and already looking into the future in a sustained way.


We are all part of a group of friends with different personalities and aesthetics. Still, and despite the differences, we create bonds of friendship that can last a lifetime.

It is in the balance between differences that the fullest existence resides. The various Elements complement each other, to enjoy life in all its essence.

Differences do not divide. They merge with the same objective.

Just like in Surfing, where different styles coexist to enjoy Nature with all its splendor.

The Man collection reflects this concept of community and harmonious coexistence.


Surfing is a lifestyle. It represents a form of expression and a deeper connection with the Natural elements that surround us. It is a philosophy of sharing and collective construction.

In the Women’s collection, which is increasingly complete, pastel tones, linked to the Earth and Air elements, are contrasted with shades of blue,

emphasizing the entire dimension and expression of Water.

Oversize, slim, pantacor and regular cuts show how it is possible to balance the elements and various dimensions of life.

Blending between the urban life and the seacoast is as easy as it could be. Jumping from a more casual look into a beach style is simple.



  1. Green buttoned dress with belt Green buttoned dress with belt
  2. Grey hoodie with front print Grey hoodie with front print
  3. Beige Chino trousers Beige Chino trousers
    As low as €95
  4. Pink sweatshirt with embroidered logo Pink sweatshirt with embroidered logo