A group of friends live between the beach and the urban world. They enjoy each moment in harmony with nature and fulfill each place with energy. Strong as a group, they walk and surf around celebrating life.



This collection is all about feeling good and sharing this vibe.

To change is normal. So, we must take a positive stance towards a better future and focus on what matters.

Nature, beach, friendships… We must bring light and energy to all life circumstances.

Our attitude creates the places and the moments.

Lightning Bolt is known for connecting people. Making them feel part of a movement and tribe.

More than ever, in this collection, we have the concern to send a positive message to all.

In this new world, there is always a way to adapt to and find our path while keeping faithful to who we are.

That is the nature of surfing and the metaphor of life: you must move with it!

To our classic colors, we added pastel colors like veiled rose and fog. Bright colors, good vibes and comfort are the biggest influences and trends.

  1. Off-white fleece crew with high relief Off-white fleece crew with high relief
  2. Black fleece hoodie with front print Black fleece hoodie with front print
    Regular Price €69 As low as €48.30
  3. Pink fleece crew with front print Pink fleece crew with front print
    Regular Price €59 As low as €41.30

Lightning Bolt brings a calm but proactive stance towards worldwide changes.

Aiming attention to the ‘70s movement and to our current life, the woman collection focus on positiveness and planning for the future.

Styles are influenced by simple retro styles that are altered with prints and colors that dress up the garment and make it fun and exciting. Clean colors, silhouettes that favor the woman’s body and inspiration from the beach lifestyle come together.

Prints of flowers, plants and surfing are balanced with simple and minimalistic elements, which are easy to wear.

The result is an even more complete collection, showing that this lifestyle is for everyone, everywhere, every time.

  1. Polü shirt Polü shirt
    Regular Price €49 As low as €34.30

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