A fresh and contemporary concept, without losing Lightning Bolt’s essence.


The inspiration comes from the current lifestyles, merged with the influences of an innovative

movement such as the Avant-garde.

This art movement enriched the world with its new techniques and interpretations. This is exactly the audacity

and originality that Lightning Bolt brings to the collection by betting on new trends

and urban influences, while respecting our origins and Vintage Americana looks.




A range of natural colors, “smoky” tones and vibrant touches of color, because the cold weather doesn't make us lose energy! 

Retro prints, color block and clean geometric designs, font mix and collages come together.

The collection also brings simple and versatile embroideries.


We all play different roles and have distinct moments in our day.

No matter where you are or what lifestyle you lead, there is a Lightning Bolt look for you.


Following the authenticity of our brand, this collection makes a parallel path,

with premium products designed consciously, with function and comfort in mind.


The modern man and surfer can wear them across all elements, with an urban-inspired look and feel,

and yet with a kind of eccentricity and relaxed coastal living.


This collection dives into the unique aesthetics of fashion but also comfort, incorporating styles

that come from the city merged with aesthetics that we inherited from the ‘70s.


Contemporary in colors, materials and fitting, yet Vintage Americana in styling,

the women’s collection privileges fabrics with a soft hand feel and finely detailed construction.


Lightning Bolt focuses on using quality materials and well-finished styles to create a complete look that’s well suited

for women’s bodies and for a seamless adaptation to all climates and environments.


Garments and styles designed to be worn regardless the gender. A way to exalt freedom and enjoy our identity,

leaving behind the limits of labels, while also promoting sustainability.


  1. Black t-shirt, front print, organic cotton Black t-shirt, front print, organic cotton
  2. White t-shirt, front logo, organic cotton White t-shirt, front logo, organic cotton


Reuse, reduce and remake: Lightning Bolt is using leftover fabrics and giving them a new life.

This has reduced the idea of waste and allowed us to also cut the destruction of unsold goods.


The total look composed by the Chess Shirt and Trousers is a perfect example of this technique applied with a great result.


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