Lightning Bolt is a pure source of inspiration.

A surf icon in Hawaii became the trademark for progressive surfing through performance in the water, distinctive design and the BOLT signature.

Our history goes back to the beginning of the ’70s when the Shortboard Revolution was taking place and the style of the surf was being redefined by the best surfers in the World at “The Pipe”.

There were no limits for these surfers and Lightning Bolt boards ruled the huge tubes of “The Pipeline”.
After 50 years, Lightning Bolt, with a cool and relaxed attitude, a soul surfer approach, and a free-rider state of mind, expands the classic and iconic range to surf all oceans. Develops a “new generation” of eco surfboards and keeps marketing the authentic surfboards shaped only by authorized artisans, always inspired by the true spirit of surfing.

The Authentic Lightning Bolt surfboards have a certificate of authenticity with a unique hologram number and QRcode.

We have a legacy to respect and keep alive and another NEW LEGACY FOR FUTURE GENERATIONS.


While these shapes were the state of the art in the 70’s, now they are collector items.
These boards take us back to exactly what Gerry Lopez rode in the 1970’s whether it was at the Pipeline, Ala Moana or wherever the person who gets one wants to go with their memories.
The iconic Pipeliner by Gerry Lopez is an exact replica of the original shape, handcrafted using the original templates, rockers and the same glassing techniques.


Rory Russell has made a name for himself by shaping one of the most emblematic Lightning Bolt surfboards ever: the super pinny performance-driven Pipeliner.
The same shape Rory Russell surfed and won Pipeline competitions on.


A tri-fin shortboard created for high performance surf on good waves. It is also an excellent option as a quad for hollow waves and barrels. The shortboard has a single to double concave to provide speed and small wings to reduce the tail width, allowing easier and faster maneuvering.


The Super Twin is a small wave, high-performance board. It is fast, loose and easy to turn. It has a single to double concave to provide speed, a wider template for floatation and paddling power and small wings to reduce the tail width and improve maneuverability. Super Twin is a must-have surfboard in your quiver.


The Lightning Bolt Funboard was designed for beginners or for more experienced surfers to use in smaller and weaker wave conditions. This type of board, besides being very stable, with good buoyancy and easy paddling, can also be a lot of fun on the right days.


The Mini Gun is a board for bigger days and hollow waves, when the shortboard isn’t long enough to handle late drops in pounding surf. This model has the perfect amount of rocker to keep the board turning easily, while maintaining its ability to hold well in the pocket. The concave position and hard edges provide a unique amount of speed and hold, especially inside the tube.


Lightning Bolt’s Longboard is a versatile surfboard for surfers who want to surf in a classic style but still be able to put down some hard turns. With a single concave nose, it is perfect for walking and nose riding. These boards are great for the serious longboarder but also can help anyone who is slower or seems to can’t catch the waves in time. This Longboard is an all-round board for all conditions and styles of riding.


This is a classic longboard for single fin surfing. This longboard is the ideal choice for those looking for classic surfing in small and medium waves. With a wider tail, ideal for maneuvers like the dropknee cutback, which together with a generous nose provides longer and more stable noserides.


With our elemental symbol centered on the stringer, each board is iconic and exquisitely encapsulates a style and a grace designed to call out the innovative spirit within each surfer who rides them.
Lightning Bolt introduces a brand new line of surfboards with a matte finish. The complete quiver is now available with the same quality, but at a more competitive price.


The surfboards industry is known to be polluting, but sustainability is a huge concern for Lightning Bolt.
For that reason, we took an essential and innovative step: the launch of our first ecological surfboards, with a “Gold Level” seal awarded by the ECOBOARD Project, a program runned by Sustainable Surf, a non-profit organization. The project certifies surfboards and manufacturers of more sustainable surfboards, representing a great reduction in environmental impact.

The ECO-TECH construction, compared to a standard construction in PU (Polyurethane) and Polyester, has a 70% lower environmental impact in every board produced.
In addition to using sustainable materials in its composition, the construction of these boards involves vacuum infusion technology, which allows to reduce resin consumption and its waste by around 45%.
Besides the direct reduction on the environmental impact, for each board produced, a fee is paid, which is applied by the Sustainable Surf Project in different actions to reduce the Planet’s carbon footprint.

Lightning Bolt Ecological Surfboards have the same technical performance as any other board, but a reduced environmental and toxic impact using more sustainable materials and manufacturing processes.