Lightning Bolt was at Salinas Beach, Asturias-Spain last weekend where generations of surfers enjoyed waves, the surfing spirit, and had fun!

The National (Spanish) Longboard Championship and the Popular (International) Longboard Championship (which brought together some of the best international Longboard surfers), sponsored by Lightning Bolt stood out for the high level of surfers, the good atmosphere lived, which resulted in the celebration of surfing culture.

The brand also promoted, among other activities, its Championship with retro surfboards (one or two fins), an Expression Session only with Lightning Bolt surfboards and a Live Shape of a Lightning Bolt Classic Longboard. An extraordinary opportunity to witness the fusion of legacy and future concepts.

In total, the brand awarded 6 Lightning Bolt surfboards from the new collection to the winners of the Popular (International) Longboard Championship - Nicolas Garcia (Spain) and Francesca Rubegni (Italy) – and the Lightning Bolt Championship.

Lightning Bolt is inseparable from soul surfing. As a result, the balance of this event (a point of reference for lovers of Longboard and the most classic style), could only be positive!

Lightning Bolt Surfing Championship


From the Lightning Bolt Championship - retro surfboards, one or two fins - they were crowned winners in the 2 categories in competition (Men and Women): Blake Jones (United Kingdom) and Yumey Gonzalez (Spain).

The podiums of both categories received a kit of products and Lightning Bolt’s voucher, and the first places and best waves were awarded surfboards from the brand's new collection!

Expression Session Lightning Bolt


With the Lightning Bolt Championship over, the male and female winners Blake Samuel Jones (UK) and Yumey Gonzalez (Spain), as well as the best waves in the categories, Alessandro Demartini and Camilla Michetti (Italy), were invited to participate in the Expression Session with surfboards awarded by the brand.

A moment to enjoy a relaxed surf without competition, as the 4 surfers agreed among themselves who would surf with a Pin Master 6'0, an Egg 6'8, a Mid-Length 7'4 and a Stinger 6 '4. Boards that everyone took home!

Live Shape


During the 3-day event, Vitor Spottt and Marco Miguel, official shaper and glasser for Lightning Bolt, created a Lightning Bolt Classic Longboard live. An extraordinary moment where surfers, vacationers and locals could witness - in front of the emblematic La Luna - how the unique and authentic Lightning Bolt surfboards are made.


Surfboard display, including the new Lightning Bolt surfboard collection


During the Lightning Bolt Salinas, the iconic Lightning Bolt surfboards were exhibited, including the new collection with a matte finish: a new collection with the brand's quality assurance, but with a better price.

The complete quiver will soon be available for ordering online and in physical stores.




Lightning Bolt Championship Male

1. Blake Jones 
2. Alberto Demario
3. Alessandro Demartini 
4. Nico Garcia

Lightning Bolt Championship Female

1. Yumey Gonzalez 
2. Camilla Michetti 
3. Maria Lafuente 
4. Marian Pastor

Expression Session

- Yumey Gonzalez 
- Alessandro Demartini  
- Blake Jones
- Camilla Michetti

Longboard Popular (International) Female

1. Francesca Rubegni 
2. Alaitz Castro 
3. Yumey Gonzalez 
4. Raquel Bentu 


Longboard Popular (International) Male

1. Nicolas Garcia
2. Jose Luis Berasaluce 
3. Christian Stutzman  
4. Jon Garmendia