The brand’s philosophy is grounded on a cultural boldness, a pioneering message in environmental protection and a unique legacy to keep, share and expand for the common good.

Since the beginning, we’ve been spreading environmentally friendly messages worldwide like the iconic statements on the ‘70s hang tags «Keep this Land Beautiful» or «Destroy the waves, not the beaches» on garments in the late ‘80s.

It’s been always about expressing ourselves and relating to nature.

So, when we thought about creating the official Lightning Bolt Festival merchandising, our choices naturally fell on products with sustainable qualities:

The official poster of the championship is made of recycled paper.

Fact: Cyclus Offset is a paper that’s 100% recycled and FSC® Recycled certified. Authentic yet thoroughly modern, it is made from 100% FSC® Recycled pulp which produces less CO2, diverts waste from landfill and consumes much less water and energy, as well as eradicating the need for wood in production.

The t-shirts with the image of the Lightning Bolt Festival championship are made of organic cotton.

Fact: all t-shirts are labeled with a reference to the composition.

Our hats have an environmental message that is iconic to the brand.

Fact: “Destroy the waves, not the beaches” is an iconic message from Lightning Bolt that was widespread in the 90s. It highlights our identity and relationship with the environment. An attitude, which is already a brand. A movement that we are proud of and want to continue to share.

The water bottles are made of glass and are personalized with the message “Destroy the waves, not the beaches”.

Fact: There are over 150 million tonnes of plastic waste in the Oceans (European Parliament data), but our share does not need to be counted in these numbers and we can help to reverse them! How? We can make several choices that, despite being small actions, make all the difference.

Choosing to use reusable packaging is one of them. We want to help you forget about disposable plastic bottles once and for all and encourage everyone to reduce waste with our reusable water bottle!

Finally, these pieces will be delivered in denim bags made from leftover fabrics and accessories from previous Lightning Bolt collections.


Reuse is a technique that allows us to use again fabrics and give them a new lease of life, while also reducing waste and destruction of unused stock.


Create clothes that people are proud to wear and remain faithful to a lifestyle linked to the elements of Nature. This is our focus.



Where can you buy Lightning Bolt Festival merchandising?

You will be able to find our products online and in the Lightning Bolt stand, during the nine days of the Spring Surfest Las Américas Pro event.


See you soon!