At Lightning Bolt we always aimed to «Keep this land beautiful».

There has always been a pioneering message on environmental protection.

This is why, for us, sustainability is not just fashion. It is a lifestyle we brought to fashion.

Locally Made

The brand’s philosophy is grounded on cultural boldness, keeping the land beautiful and respecting natures path. Lightning Bolt contributes to helping the environment by
producing garments locally in the north of Portugal.
Portugal is one of the leading apparel manufacturing countries in the world: many resources that have been used for decades and decades of valuable production. By producing locally, Lightning Bolt can reduce the logistic operations required to make garments in countries across the world. As we always say, “the fewer steps you have between the seed planted and the finished garment, the better.”
Not only does producing locally reduce transport waste, but it also lets us have more control over the production settings.
The Lightning Bolt team can maintain full control over what happens within the factory, never running into any issues with poor working conditions or underpaid employees.
“Made in Portugal”, is undeniably, a quality symbol.
Our goal at Lightning Bolt is to provide a good connection from production to consumer, creating satisfaction from start to finish.

Reuse, Reduce, Remake

Lightning Bolt has made an extensive effort to look deep into the company’s sustainable history and present-day operations, to discover new ways we can be more sustainable. While constructing many concepts, we found one idea sitting right in front of us: reuse, reduce, remake.
Reuse, reduce, remake is a technique for taking old fabric scraps and remaking new items from these leftover pieces.
With this technique, we find new ways to reuse fabrics that have sat in our warehouse for a few years and give them a new life. This has reduced the idea of waste and recreated a new element of “Remake”, giving garments a new life and old garments a better purpose.
We have also cut the destruction of unsold goods and now ensure that products can be repaired or recycled.
Our reuse, reduce, remake technique will be carried on further into the brand and make a more significant impact on our company as time goes on.

Organic Cotton

Lightning Bolt works largely with organic cotton production. Being a part of the European environmental standards, we strive to keep the traditions of cotton development alive and adapt to advanced techniques that can sustain the future of cotton production and, of course, our environment.
Portugal is famous for its cotton production since long ago. Since the beginning, the focus has remained covering quality and tradition as we strive to develop new modern techniques.
As a group, we aim to a better environment and work towards the future with the latest advanced technology and teamwork.
By combining tradition, innovation, and science to benefit the environment, we strived to give our company and loved consumers something to feel good about.

Double Strike Hoodie 39% Recycled PES, 35% Lyocell, 26% Organic Cotton

Recycled Polyester

By choosing recycled polyester made from certified and traceable «upcycled marine plastic», we’re able to deliver the same performance in fibers with a smaller environmental footprint.
This is important as one of our major statements is “Destroy the waves, not the beaches”.

Made of SEAQUAL™ FIBER: 100% recycled polyester (including Upcycled Marine Plastic).

Lightning Bolt Certified Biodegradable Reusable Mask

The new normal. One of the most heard expressions since the last year.
The COVID-19 pandemic forced us to adjust our habits. Disposable individual protections have become a means to ensure common safety and well-being. This means that even more plastic dependencies have been created and become widespread: especially those of single-use, such as face masks. Consequently, billions of masks end in the trash or, worse, in the sea.
To answer a current need, but also as a contribution to the adoption of sustainable
behaviors, Lightning Bolt developed biodegradable reusable masks, manufactured in Portugal in partnership with TMG Fabrics.
Finally, a gift bag made from fabric remnants was created to store the mask.

Made of Lyocell: an eco-friendly cellulose fiber, that biodegrades without producing harmful products to the land.