Lightning Bolt teamed up with a French surf artist on a special collaborative capsule collection.

Anthony Faucheux, aka XLR8, is a 33-year-old illustrator and designer, based in south west of France, whose distinctive style, fresh aesthetics and imaginative skill are internationally recognized. Surfer from the very beginning, Anthony naturally turns his intuitive work towards the surf imaginary to express himself. After studying arts and graphic design, Faucheux took work as Art Director in a graphic studio.

Bolstered up by this experience, he decided to work as freelancer to perfect his illustrative personal style. Since then, he’s been featured in many art exhibitions and successful commercial art. 

Anthony’s natural connection of surf and art made it natural for him to capture the energy and vibe of surfing and the surf community of the Lightning Bolt heritage brand. The result was a genuinely unique soul artwork: stunning compositions of clean and fluid shapes with linear contours taking precedence over smooth color combinations.

“Lightning Bolt has always been a cult brand for me, associated to surf legends that made and still make me dream. When I was younger I used to watch surf movies with these guys surfing powerful waves, with their insane style, on boards with the Bolt.

To be like them, I remember having drawn a bolt with a marker on my very first surfboard… it made me feel like one of crew!
But beyond this, Lightning Bolt represents for me the essence of surfing, without the surplus… just the essential!

And it was this spirit that inspired my artwork for this collaboration. Simple, powerful and timeless visuals. The very essence of surfing, just as it was fifty years ago, and as it will certainly be found in 50 years…
Sessions between friends, waves, boards… fashion is ephemeral, but the surf spirit remains. Just like Lightning Bolt.”

Anthony Faucheux


We wanted to express the culture and history behind the Lightning Bolt brand, which Anthony captured in the best possible way. Six different prints were developed by hand, honoring our founder Gerry Lopez, surf and beaches, key ingredients on BOLT spirit. Now you can get your free handcrafted artwork, inspired by the unique Lightning Bolt Legacy. Each month we'll release one of our exclusive arts. The first one is a tribute to Gerry Lopez, the Lightning Bolt forefather.

"Growing up in the extraordinary place that was Hawai'i in the 1950s and 1960s. Playing a part in the shortboard revolution of the late 1960s and early 1970s. Living the dream in the Country before it was ever called the North Shore. Experiencing the awe, fear and ultimate satisfaction of finding the tube in the early days at the Pipeline.

Traveling for surf throughout the world: to the original surf camp at G-Land, the exotic islands off Sumatra and especially to the magic island of Bali, Indonesia - before it became a popular surf destination. Experiencing the beginnings of windsurfing on Maui, the early years of snowboarding and tow-in surfing at Jaws."

by Gerry Lopez


Now you can keep Lightning Bolt's friends with you.