From the ‘70s golden years of surfing until our days, it has been A GOLDEN ERA.

Many stories were written by Lightning Bolt in the last 5 decades. And they’re all about a collective construction and sharing. If we had to highlight some?

2019 – A Pure Source on Tour

In 2019, the Bolt Team went on tour with the surf legends Rory Russell and Craig Hollingsworth. It was a unique opportunity to share Lightning Bolt’s legacy, keeping it real and alive in the present.

With surfing films sessions, talks, contests, music, and a lot of life’s sharing, Lightning Bolt’s social responsibility was not forgotten: raffles and giveaways were organized to benefit local institutions.


2013 - Lightning Bolt Limited Edition Collector Series

Lightning Bolt never stopped to search for the best shapes and shapers and we are proud to have gathered again amazing people that share our values and philosophy.

That is why we invited five of the most unique and inspirational shapers ever - Gerry Lopez, Rory Russell, Tom Parrish, Reno Abellira, and Barry Kanaiaupuni,- to shape a surfboard they personally find emblematic. It resulted in a collector series pipeliners including the most memorable Bolt boards of all time.

Master pieces to show and share with the world.


2009 - 1st edition of the BOLT MAG

Edited by Lightning Bolt, these magazines were inspired on the fanzines that got popular through the ’70s. The BOLT MAG was written for people to whom surf in all its forms was a lifestyle.


00’ - Lightning Bolt Pro Junior – National Surfing Championship

These events were a launching pad for young competitor surfers, but also a key part in new promises training and internationalization, as for Lightning Bolt competition only made sense in a perspective of development.


00’ - Surf Trips

Moved by the commitment of respecting and living surf culture, Lightning Bolt powered surf trips around the world with the Bolt Team. The main goal was to keep alive and share the true substance of surfing.

Some names immediately pop out from these trips: Alexandre Ferreira (PT); Nuande Silva aka Pekel (BR); Jord Fortmann (HOL); Gege Brasset (FR); Edmar aka Miguel Ximenez, Pumas aka Nuno Côrte Real; Abacaxi aka Maria Abecasis; João Kopke, and Miguel Blanco were some of the young Bolt Riders at that time. Today, one way or another, they all have a consolidated name on surf scenery.

These trips provided unique experiences for young surfers, boosting the sport and career of a generation.


‘90s - Circuito Lightning Bolt Surf Esperanças

The “Groms Nationals”, in Portugal, were the first championships in several spots that are now big references on European and World circuits, such as Ribeira D’Ilhas and Praia Grande.

From 1993 on, these events provided unique experiences for young surfers, boosting the future of national surfing and the career of a generation that grew up with Lightning Bolt’s values and lifestyle. Which includes education and awareness for environmental protection.

This is why it is possible to talk about a Generation Lightning Bolt.


‘80s - Lightning Bolt Road Trips

After twice winning the Pipeline Masters in 1976 and 1977, and several other world class surf championships, Rory Russell was an undeniable ambassador of the brand’s spirit and power. That said, in the early ‘80s, he left with the team Bolt on a road trip full of adventures.

Those adventures resulted in original advertises and articles for the Surfer Mag. These ads and trips are now iconic memories of the surf lifestyle back in the ‘80s.

It was also at this time that Rory’s nickname “The Dog” got widely known: he was a “bon vivant”, always in good mood.   


1971 - Lightning Bolt was founded

Born in Hawaii in the summer of ’71, Lightning Bolt was comprised of Gerry Lopez and Jack Shipley at the time of its inception.

What they founded amounts simply to… A Pure Source.


Within the first half of the decade, the Lightning Bolt logo was ubiquitous. It became a universal symbol. Our classic and iconic graphics were being created and immortalized in printed t-shirts, surfboards, and advertising.

Nowadays they are undeniable trademarks, part of Lightning Bolt identity and heritage.



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