Lightning Bolt 50th anniversary commemorative surfboard by Juan Diego.

Fifty years have passed since the first Lightning Bolt crossed the Hawaiian waves.
Since then, the world has changed. But Lightning Bolt remained authentic.
This is what better defines us and what you can find: the truest experiences. A reconnection with the origins. A meaningful existence.


To celebrate this special date, we invited Juan Diego to make a commemorative surfboard for our 50th anniversary.

Lightning Bolt 50th anniversary commemorative surfboard by Juan Diego - Balsa Liner

Size: 7'8 x 20 x 3 ¼

Balsa Wood. Entropy Resin Modelo 1.

Fiberglass Printed Art


Juan Diego, you have created a very special and unique surfboard for our anniversary. We are stoked! Thank you for that.

The board is so special that we must be sure of what we are telling. For that, nothing better than having you sharing the concept and processes behind it.

So, can you start by letting us know what inspired you and what shape did you choose?

It was always my dream to make surfboards for Lightning Bolt.

Thus, when I received your invite, my idea was immediately to create something classic like the Pipeliner.

When I was at a Surfexpo years ago, I had the opportunity to admire a collection of inspiring classic Pipeliners. I remembered them for this project. I also have Lightning Bolt surfboards in my personal collection. They’re my favorite.


A dream came true… Let us know more, for instance about the materials used.

Yes, definitely.

The idea was to create a beautiful surfboard with the best materials and woods – to use and apply what we do best here at Cheboards for this opportunity.

This Pipeliner is made with local Balsa wood (from Costa Rica), from trees that were specially planted for our factory, many years ago.

The artwork on the deck was made by a team of friends and shows the famous Playa Tamarindo, here in Costa Rica, captured from an aerial view. I spend a lot of time with my children, family and friends at that beach. So, besides being a remarkable surf spot, it is a very special place for me as human being.


How long did it take to create this board?

Well, it took more time than usual…

During many nights I came to the factory with my friends to create this surfboard and simply enjoy this moment and opportunity. I wanted to spend good moments while making this surfboard and keep them in my memory, somehow engraving them also on the energy of this board.

We all wanted to take this surfboard to another level: to a work of art. And for that, I invested all my passion and love for surfboards, as well as good memories. This surfboard was made with the best motivation.


Name for the surfboard?

Balsa Liner.




Tamarindo is a town in the Guanacaste Province, on Costa Rica’s Pacific coast. It’s known for beaches with strong surf, like Playa Tamarindo and Playa Langosta.