Respecting the principles on which the brand was founded, Lightning Bolt represents something more powerful than just the surf sport.

It is an authentic Pure Source of inspiration and a lifestyle.

We are proud to have gathered amazing people that share our values and philosophy, such as some of the most legendary shapers ever and new skilled artists from different cultural and artistic areas.

Indeed, we keep strong bonds with our forefathers and endorse our legendary riders and young soul adventurers. We are proud to embrace all the Bolt enthusiasts and friends, by their historical connection to the brand or just simply because they share the same principles as us.

We have the privilege to feel and can say that we’re a love brand, so our attitude couldn’t be any other than welcoming all people who feel identified with the brand.

By doing this, Lightning Bolt also assumes an educational role. It is in this perspective of development and collective construction that, over the years, Lightning Bolt has supported the growth of new generations of surfers, as well as collaborated both with makers from the past and with new skilled artists that have the same desire for adventure and pure expression.

We feel the responsibility of being a global brand, with a strong and impacting core message: surf is a lifestyle that pushes physical and mental development and allows a deeper connection with the natural elements that surround us.

Our purpose is to keep building a community, and awareness towards sustainability. We want to inspire people to enjoy Lightning Bolt’s lifestyle, nourishing fulfilling lives through an adventurous spirit, outdoor culture, and surfing. After all, we must be guardians of Nature and the Ocean as a pure canvas of self-expression.

Our inspiration is our history, reinterpreted each season through comfortable, versatile, and contemporary collections with a differentiating and cool aesthetic. We always work for the best and continuous improvement. Which includes digital optimization and innovations to follow the current market demands.

At Lightning Bolt, we believe every moment, every piece has a tale to tell and you can become an active part of the narrative yourself.

Live this culture and lifestyle.
Keep building Lightning Bolt’s history.

Your Lightning Bolt Ohana.